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Links zu den monatlichen Themen - Links to the monthly themes:

CC I: 4. Oktober 2017

CC II: 4. November 2017

CC III: 4. Dezember 2017

CC IV: 4. Januar 2018

English instructions:

OK let's go.
What is CubeComix?

At first we need story cubes. *
These dices are available in different categories:
-Blue is intergalactic
-Red is enchanted
-Green is prehistoric… etc.

Every 4th of the month i roll the dices.
The result determines the theme of the month.
These pictures has to become a comic strip.
How you do it is your thing.

You want to join?
Then there are only FOUR things to do:
1. Draw a comic. How long or short this is, is up to you.
2. Post this on your website.
3. Send me a link to the comic on your webside at my mailaddress: info (ä t)
or send me a message on facebook, twitter or tumblr + the name under which you want to be linked.
4. Connects all the other participants of the challenge on your webside.
The links are always up to date at
under the respective month.

So, train your brain, accept the challenge and be a part of…

* Rory's StoryCubes (wordmarks, logos and devices) are trademarks of Asmodee Group.

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